Friday, August 20, 2010

Life Happens on Ruston Way

Bryce and I headed to Ruston today and it took me down memory lane. I've really grown up along that sidewalk. Memories go as far back as Mother's Day as a kid having brunch at Shenanigans. I remember going rollerblading there with Lacey in Junior High. She wore her brand new Gap jeans for a rollerblading outing and this mean little ankle biter dog jumped out and grabbed her leg causing her to crash and put a hole in those brand new jeans. I remember getting all dolled up for our 9th grade dance. A big group of us girls headed down to the waterfront to take a pictures and have a fancy dinner. We felt like VIP. Looking back, I laugh.

When David and I started dating, he had just gotten a new truck. His dad told him not to leave Puyallup. He came and picked me up and we headed to Ruston way to for a walk at sunset, leaving Puyallup. We were just getting out of the parked truck and a cop pulls up threatening to write David a ticket. He parked where you couldn't park after dusk. Luckily David got out of it and his Dad never knew he left Puyallup. That ruined our walk though, we headed back!

Before I knew it, I was laying in the grass on a hot summer day... my wedding day, with Maid of Honor Jesse escaping before the craziness started for a nap in the grass under the sun. We didn't tell anyone where we went. We just needed a nap! I'm still not sure my mom even knew we did that. It didn't last long, there is lots to do on your wedding day after all! Our wedding day started and ended there for me. After our wedding our loving friends set up a room at the Silvercloud. David and I arrived but before checking in, we sat on a bench along the sidewalk for a while letting it all sink in. I was in my dress and he was in his tux. A memory that only is in my head but would have been a great wedding picture!

This is the place I had celebrated my 21st birthday and had my first legal drink in the Ram with friends and family. It was a lemon drop. I still love those. There were many birthdays celebrated there. It was also the place I said goodbye to my friends before I moved to Missouri with David. And the place I signed the papers to put an offer on our first home.

There were countless Saturdays spent walking with friends or David just catching up or enjoying the weather. Countless jogs getting ready for one of my runs. One walk was with my friend Vicki. She was out of it. It was an odd walk we both admitted. She wasn't quite sure what was "off" either. Soon after that, she found out she was pregnant and was happy to understand why that walk felt so different :)

David and I always love checking out all the dogs along the way. We used to talk about walking a dog there one day. When we got Lilly, we couldn't wait to take her there. I think she loves it too, she gets to see lots of dogs.

So today, as I pushed my sweet little boy in his stroller along the path. It kinda got me chocked up a bit when I realized how special this little moment was. That one day, I will remember this too. It wasn't Bryce's first time down there either. It was just our first time without David or Lilly and so I was left to let my mind wonder. I know that as fast as all the memories along the waterfront came and went so would this. Next he'll be riding his bike and I'll be trying to keep up with him.

I heart Ruston Way.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Newborn to Baby

Bryce is almost 3 months old and we think he is grown out of that newborn baby look. He has completely filled out into a chunky boy and shows a bit more personality every day. During his second month, Bryce gained a pound a week. That is a ton for a little baby!

Today when David got home he was talking to Bryce in his bouncy chair. He said, "oh, wow!" in a surprised voice. It must have scared Bryce because he got the most pitiful face we've ever seen where he stuck his lip way out and let out a brand new cry we've never heard. He even lost his newborn cry today. We just looked at each other and laughed because it surprised us and he just looked so pitifully cute. Of course we didn't get that on camera. He and David have little conversations together too. David will mimick the sounds Bryce makes and they will go back and forth a bit. It keeps Bryce's attention for a while but when he has enough, he lets Dad know. He is making new sounds more often and we'll hear them in their conversations. Every morning, he has smiles for miles. Once he gets done with all his stretching and moaning to wake up, he is all smiles... just like Mom :) He is starting to gain control of his limbs. He is a super kicker and will hold onto your arm if it goes across his belly. Bryce isn't quite grabbing for things yet but he is working on it. He is tracking things with his eyes and showing interest in his toys. He can roll onto his side for now but not to his belly just yet. We are still working on his sleep stretches. That has been the hardest part for us being new parents. Uninterrupted sleep is something I've taken for granted and long for that day again in the future. With all of the changes we witness in him every day, the more he develops, the more he captures our hearts.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Taking it backwards

I was going through all the pictures on my phone, you should try it. You might be surprised what you find or the memories it will bring back. It is so neat to have the convenience of a camera phone, even a lame phone like mine. I found a picture of my pregnancy test! I have never been the type to post a picture like that to Facebook which is another reason I have this blog, to post those things I wouldn't post for all the random FB friends to see. I remember the day I found out I was pregnant like it was yesterday. A clear and vivid memory. Even the rush that ran through my body.
I have irregular periods, so I didn't really know I was pregnant by a monthly visit. I just had a feeling. The feeling started on a Saturday and I couldn't get out of the house without David all weekend to buy a test. The feeling was so strong I thought buying a test would be a waste of money. I decided I'd go on Monday for my lunch break to buy one. Monday took forever and so did my lunch. I was so anxious. I felt like I ran out of the building to lunch. I drove to a Rite Aid to buy a test, a box of 3. Better to double check right? A little old lady came to unlock the case. It is already awkward enough to buy one, they have to lock them up? I checked out and with a big smile she told me she hoped I got the answer I was looking for. Well now I had it, I have to use the bathroom so why not go to the Barnes and Noble across the street? I couldn't do it at work. So I went in and headed straight to the bathroom. I peed and it instantly turned positive. I freaked out with disbelief. I have to admit I was super surprised, I imagined this happening about a year later. Also, my reaction was like a mime because there was another person in the bathroom. That was hard to keep in but could you imagine what that lady would have thought if I left my reaction out? Ha ha. I made it through the rest of the day at work somehow and rushed home. How to tell David? He'd be just as surprised so I used Lilly. I made a cute card and tied it around her neck with a big bow. As David and I sat down for dinner Lilly came in with the card. The card announced she'd be a big sister. David didn't believe it at first. I knew he wouldn't that is why I had the second positive stick ready to show him. I remember him giving me a big hug and making a comment about how he hoped the baby would be tall.

It is also fun to have the memories of telling our loved ones. We told my mom with a carved pumpkin since it was October. She came over one Saturday and I gave it to her and she missed the carving, didn't even notice. We had to point it out to her. She was so surprised! It was pretty cute. It actually took her a very long time to have it sink in. She had been so excited to be a Grandma for so long too, I think she couldn't believe it was her time. I bet now she can't remember what it is like without him along with us.

This picture was also on my phone of Lilly giving me and baby a hug, just a cute one to share.