Monday, August 16, 2010

Newborn to Baby

Bryce is almost 3 months old and we think he is grown out of that newborn baby look. He has completely filled out into a chunky boy and shows a bit more personality every day. During his second month, Bryce gained a pound a week. That is a ton for a little baby!

Today when David got home he was talking to Bryce in his bouncy chair. He said, "oh, wow!" in a surprised voice. It must have scared Bryce because he got the most pitiful face we've ever seen where he stuck his lip way out and let out a brand new cry we've never heard. He even lost his newborn cry today. We just looked at each other and laughed because it surprised us and he just looked so pitifully cute. Of course we didn't get that on camera. He and David have little conversations together too. David will mimick the sounds Bryce makes and they will go back and forth a bit. It keeps Bryce's attention for a while but when he has enough, he lets Dad know. He is making new sounds more often and we'll hear them in their conversations. Every morning, he has smiles for miles. Once he gets done with all his stretching and moaning to wake up, he is all smiles... just like Mom :) He is starting to gain control of his limbs. He is a super kicker and will hold onto your arm if it goes across his belly. Bryce isn't quite grabbing for things yet but he is working on it. He is tracking things with his eyes and showing interest in his toys. He can roll onto his side for now but not to his belly just yet. We are still working on his sleep stretches. That has been the hardest part for us being new parents. Uninterrupted sleep is something I've taken for granted and long for that day again in the future. With all of the changes we witness in him every day, the more he develops, the more he captures our hearts.

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