Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our Pumpkin

Last year around this time I had just found out we were expecting. It was hard to imagine bringing a baby to a pumpkin patch but now it is hard to imagine him walking next year and getting all dirty in the mud.

These are the times that I crave and that I am so thankful for to have a baby and a family. Traditions- I love my mom for making a big deal out of holidays for us growing up and getting to do all these fun things. I am happy to be able to continue these traditions for Bryce.

The day we went to the pumpkin patch was probably the busiest all month. There were cops directing traffic. We thought about skipping it all together but I asked David just to try our luck for a parking spot and it worked out for us. Bryce had a hard time at the pumpkin patch because he did not like the gorgeous sun in his face. Any picture we go of him not getting mad was luck. I tried to take lots pictures but that darn sun kept making him mad. Here is Bryce behind the scenes after he had enough sun:

Saturday, October 9, 2010


We are giving Bryce rice cereal now. After a few days now, he gets it. He recognizes the spoon, leans in to put it in his mouth and starts fussing when I am too slow to get more in his mouth. I expected a miracle when we started to give him rice cereal. I thought it would help him finally sleep better through the night. No miracle yet! Since I've been back to work, he wakes up more and sometimes as much as every 2 hours, 3 if I am lucky. I have so much respect for the full time working mama's of babies. It really is a challenge especially when your sleep is not yours. Anyways, he makes such a mess of his face while eating. I leave it and wipe his face a couple times but David can't take it. He is wiping his face almost after every bite. We'll see if Bryce or David figures it out first :)

Mr. 4 month old!

These 4 months have flown by and the last month has been especially fast since I've been back to work. When I hold Bryce and cuddle with him, I am amazed at how rapidly this boy grew. We've heard our share of comments about how big he is and how he looks more like an 8 month old. It is weird to think about when he was "little" but it is true. He really has grown so much! He wasn't little for long. At his 4 month check up he was 95% for his weight and 90% for his height. He also got 2 shots and barely cried. We couldn't believe it. He screamed horribly for his 2 month shots, it was super sad. I know this blog is mainly about Bryce, but can I just mention that I am so thankful for David's attentiveness? David never missed one pregnancy doctor visit and has not missed one doctor visit for Bryce either. His work schedule helps him be there but he really wants to be there. I am thankful.
Heading into our fourth month, I think David and I would both agree that it has been our favorite time with him so far. He has really shown us his personality and it has been very fun to watch. He is all over his hands, loving to eat them more than almost anything else! He is such a chatter box when he gets going. Since he found his voice, he and David can chat back and forth for quite a while. He likes his talks with Dad more than Mom. I must have boring things to say! I think he smiles for me more though :)

Bryce is also rolling over when he feels like it. He does not do it very often but is making progress. He also giggled for me. Music to my ears! I have not gotten him to do it again. I have tried so hard to be funny but I just can't figure out how to hear the baby giggle again. We'll get there!
Daycare is going well. A lady named Amy watches him in her home daycare. She is an old customer of mine from way back when I was teller during college. It provides such relief being familiar with our provider. I can and do text her anytime I want, she sends me text pictures plus he is the only baby there. David drops him off in the morning and he tells me about how the little kids greet him, "baby Bryce! baby Bryce!" He has a fan club. Obviously :)

Today, Bryce welcomed us into his fourth month of life by peeing on us both at separate times. We surrender to the little squirt gun!