Monday, July 26, 2010

First baseball game!

Bryce's first baseball game was the M's vs. Redsox. How perfect considering his Daddy's past with the Redsox!

I was so excited to go to the game as a family. This was something I know David had looked forward to also. Bryce's big cousin gave him an Mariner onsie that was the perfect size too, he was stylin. I was nervous wondering how Bryce would react to the environment of the crowd. He was awesome! Such a trooper. He was wide awake, happy and gazing around to the end of the 6th inning where he dozed off. He missed, "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" though. He woke up in the 8th inning and was up the rest of the time. He got a bit cranky at the end because he kept dozing off but would be startled awake by cheering or the music.

On our way out, I think David and I were a bit relieved that he was a great addition to the night, you never know with a baby what kind of mood they might be in :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Home with baby

Bryce no longer hates his bath. A mom shared a tip with me about keeping a warm wash cloth on his belly while he is in the tub and it helps keep him warm. Since then, he doesn't mind baths at all!
Naps are common in our household. Even with Lilly. She misses her soundless sleep just as much as we do :)

Our little boy is a Mama's boy. At least for now... and I am sure one day when he is too cool to kiss me goodbye at school I'll really miss these days but sometimes it can be a challenge for me. Some nights the only way I can get dinner made is to wear him in my front pack. He'll usually drift off to sleep and then I'll lay him down. If he is awake, he wants exclusive attention and loving. I can give that to him but I still have to use the bathroom, change my clothes, shower, make dinner... things that make a day! This picture was taken maybe 10 days ago and since then, he has gotten so much better about sitting in a bouncy watching me make dinner, relief. They change so fast!

He is now getting his work out in. He is on the floor kicking his legs, waving his arms, and babbling a few times a day. He gazes all around and looks amazed by everything. Mainly windows and faces.

Mr. Smiley

My mom came to stay the night after being gone for a couple weeks in North Carolina. I was excited to see her and excited for her to see how Bryce has grown. She was just about to leave but I didn't want her to yet because Bryce was still eating. Lucky she stayed! I passed Bryce to her when his tummy was full. Out of no where he smiled the biggest smile at me as I was talking to him in her arms! David was also there with us to see it. I was so surprised. He has continued to smile at us and I find he smiles the most in the morning. They are super cute, big and gummy. My smile lasts 10x's as long after I see him smile. I can only imagine how I'll feel when he starts laughing.

Since then I've tried catching his smiles on camera.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lil' update

Just some randoms things to share...

Bryce is over a month old and growing healthy, we are so thankful for that. He is over 10 pounds and has grown 2 inches. The outfit we wanted to bring home Bryce from the hospital in was much too large. Here is a picture of him trying to fill it out at the hospital:

Here is a picture of him wearing it at just under a month old:

I almost waited too long to try it on him, he almost skipped it all together. The outfit was a newborn size and he was a pretty big baby but it just didn't fit.

We'll randomly catch him sucking his thumb. Though it is cute, I don't want a thumb sucker. You can take a paci away, but their thumb is always there and I bet they get sneaky with it. I have heard the horror stories of breaking the paci habit and that doesn't sound like fun either.

When he is in the mood, he has decided he likes his swing. He has gotta be in the mood. That goes for anything. Our little guy is vocal and he will tell you what he likes and doesn't like. Our Pediatrician even comments each time we visit her that he is a chatty baby. She always has a hard time hearing his heart which lead us the heart mur mur scare which is behind us now thankfully!

We also had our first walk at Capitol Lake together as a family. I've wanted to walk there for a while since I discovered it working down there. We lucked out on the sun since Bryce's first summer has been a dud for weather. It was pretty windy for our walk.

You may be wondering why so many pictures and so many updates? Just reminding you the main reason I am dedicated to keeping this updated is because after his 1 year birthday, I will have this blog published into a book for his baby book. I think it will be a great keepsake! If you are interested in doing this yourself for whatever use, here is the link:

Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th

Bryce's first holiday! Well, Father's Day was his first actual holiday. We spent that day treating the new dad to lunch at Jimmy Mac's. Bryce slept through the whole meal which worked out great! I got David a new watch to symbolize this special "time" in our lives. The last time I got David a watch was 8 years ago, our first Christmas together! I also made David a pair of boxers with Bryce's itty bitty foot prints on them. He hated me for putting him through that. It probably sounded like I was pinching all his toes instead of simply spreading paint around on them!

Back to the 4th! The weather was awful! Worst we've had in years. Cloudy, windy, cold, and a tiny spell of small rain drops. Regardless of the weather, we went for a walk with Lilly that morning. Bryce is still adjusting to his car seat. Whenever he is awake for too long while sitting in there he cries. He was awake for the walk and I ended up having to carry him much of the way because of his persistence of crying to get out. He'll get used to it eventually... we hope! We packed up the car and headed up to Lake Tapps at Whit's to spend the day. Bryce slept the entire time we were there. As long as he was being held and cuddled he was fine and happy. The fireworks didn't even bother him or make him jump. He spent most of the day loving on Auntie Jesse and "Diva" Whit. We did head home before all the fireworks really got going. We probably would have stayed if the weather was better. I didn't want Bryce getting too cold or sitting by the fire all night with his young lungs. Next year he'll be old enough to be a trooper and hopefully next year we'll all get to enjoy better weather.

Lots of love for the little man
When I was pregnant, I often wanted a roasted marshmallow
but there were no campfires! Here is Whit roasting me that
marshmallow I wanted so badly. Why is it that when you crave
something, it often tastes so much better in your head!?
We also went to Emerald Downs to watch the horse
races with David's company. Mal and Phil joined us
but we all didn't win big on bets.