Thursday, November 24, 2011

San Diego Family Vaca

We took our first family vacation to San Diego. David wanted to try a triathlon and got his mind set on the one in California, so we decided to go! My mom also joined in on the fun which allowed us to have a date night too! Here are some pictures from our trip.

Bryce enjoyed the airplane rides and all of the excitement at the airport. It wasn't as hard as it could have been having a baby on the plane and it didn't derail us from deciding to ever go anywhere again with him. Success! He only slept on the plane ride there and then fell asleep during landing on the ride home.

We got there and we hit the beach! We all loved it. Warm, beautiful and clean. One by one Bryce's layers came off until he was in his diaper. That ended up to be diaper full of sand.

Next up, Seaworld! I've wanted to go there my whole life so I was probably the most excited out of anyone. I'm happy my mom was there to see the kid in me come out as I stressed about not missing and seeing a thing. Little did I know she had an even bigger surprise up her sleeve.

Along with Seaworld, swimming with dolphins has really been my dream. My mom surprised me moments before, literally, telling me I was going to be swimming with the dolphins. I was in shock. Speechless. Then I got nervous. After I gave her a big hug, I had to text Jesse before I even got in my wetsuit because she has been listening to me talk about this for almost 20 years. Poor girl!

It was beautiful experience and one I will always cherish. I am so thankful to my mama for such a lovely surprise. She hates to be called mama and sometimes I call her that just to see her reaction :)

Here is the little man practicing his patience as he greeted me after swim time was over. He enjoyed watching the dolphins up and close, so I heard.

They had a Sesame street area in Seaworld. We enjoyed a 3-d cinema experience of Sesame Street that even as an adult was super cool. They had effects like spraying water and wind even! My mom got him this big bird. He loved it instantly and he still does. His face shows it all!
Here he is meeting Elmo. He was fine with it far away but once I tried to take him up close it was an all out fit. He was terrified of him.

For our next adventure we hit the zoo. The San Diego Zoo was amazing. No zoo I've been to tops it. It was a long day but we all made it, even David who did it after his triathlon.

The petting zoo hit the spot for Bryce. He loved the goats and was so friendly with them that he felt the need to sit next to them. Right next to them and wave.

Here is Bryce helping Grandma push the stroller as we tried to find the Pandas that we never found.

And finally for our main event! David's Triathlon. He was a star and did great. I was really proud of him for going out and trying something new and not having much time to prepare properly. He decided he'd like to do it again next year and so we're looking to plan San Diego, round 2! David in his wetsuit which he learned was a surfing suit, not a swimming suit so it would absorb water and make it harder for him to swim. :/
Bryce cheering him on!
Here is the finisher, running was the last phase.
Congrats dad!

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