Friday, June 18, 2010

2 Weeks of Change

Our little man is just over two weeks old now. Like everyone says, it has gone by fast. There are many things we all hear when it comes to babies. Things like:

They will completely change your life

Your world revolves around them

They bring you so much joy

You will never feel so tired

These things are all true. We believed it before he arrived so luckily this isn't all a huge surprise. David and I have always approached things as a team and having Bryce is no different. We have had great support from friends and family too. There are some things people didn't tell me though about having a baby. Things like:

Friends will grow closer that may have grown distant, love this

You may find yourself very excited about a poopy diaper when your newborn didn't have one all day... you will cheer when he fills his diaper because it reassures you things are going as they are supposed to if you are breastfeeding

You can sit and stare at your baby for over a half hour and feel like you accomplished something

Watching grandparents interact with your child is just as rewarding for you as the proud grandparent, you gave them that joy

Here are some more pictures of Bryce, his lips and cheeks are getting chubby!

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