Monday, June 28, 2010

Moaner Groaner

I've claimed my first trait in Bryce he has inherited from me unfortunately. He is so dramatic when he wakes up. I know he is beginning to wake when he starts moaning and groaning and stretching his arms all over the place. He starts working out his face muscles with all kinds of expressions while arching his back and tilting his head for the ultimate stretch. If I can get to him before he finishes this dramatic wake up, I can avoid the cry :)

Every now and then this new routine makes me laugh because it reminds me so much of myself. Even David called me out on this one! This also scares me when I look back and remember the trouble I put my poor mom through growing up trying to wake me. She'd come in and tell me to get up. Back 5 minutes later to turn on the lights which always made me mad. Here she comes back again in 5 minutes to tell me the time and always lied to me saying it was 15 minutes later than it actually was. How on earth did she ever get her hair dry while trying to get me out of bed? Probably air dried by all the trips up and down the hall! Oh Bryce, go easy on me when you get to that point, I don't have the best patience.

Here are his moaner groaner pictures:

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