Saturday, October 9, 2010


We are giving Bryce rice cereal now. After a few days now, he gets it. He recognizes the spoon, leans in to put it in his mouth and starts fussing when I am too slow to get more in his mouth. I expected a miracle when we started to give him rice cereal. I thought it would help him finally sleep better through the night. No miracle yet! Since I've been back to work, he wakes up more and sometimes as much as every 2 hours, 3 if I am lucky. I have so much respect for the full time working mama's of babies. It really is a challenge especially when your sleep is not yours. Anyways, he makes such a mess of his face while eating. I leave it and wipe his face a couple times but David can't take it. He is wiping his face almost after every bite. We'll see if Bryce or David figures it out first :)

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