Saturday, January 22, 2011

7 months

Wow, things got crazy and I got behind here. Now that the holidays and moving are behind us, things might get easier but I doubt it. Because we're jumping head first into the next chapter of me working from home, I am going to be tasked with spinning lots of plates and to keep them spinning all in the good company of my little man. I will have the help of friends and family to help watch him when I need a good chunk of time to work or attend meetings. I'll rewind a bit so I can make sure to capture the many fun things of month 7! Here are somethings to note:

Bryce now has 2 teeth, his bottom front 2. He has a wide smile that he does from time to time to show them off but he doesn't do it too often.

He shows preference now by reaching to you to pick him up to hold him if someone else is holding him, to get him out of the highchair or to get him off of the floor.

He worked on waving and he now waves. Super cute, it is a bit wild and sporadic still but I am amazed that such a little brain grasps the concept of waving, cause and effect. Very cool. Next we are working on clapping.

He bangs his toys together and understands that it will make noise, he uses both hands to switch toys to and from.

All he cares to do is practice standing with your assistance. Put him on all fours and he gets mad and frustrated, we think he will skip right over crawling and take off running one day. I've already started the baby proofing in preparation.

No new news here but the kid still loves to eat. He is a professional. He chomps down solids now like a champ. He gets puffs in his fingers and has enough coordination to get it in his mouth. He worked on that quite a bit this month. He used to get the food to his mouth and release the grip so it would fall in his lap, he was able to figure out to pop it into his mouth... happier baby then!

Bryce still doesn't sleep well...still waiting for our night to celebrate sleeping all night...

Pictures to come later :)

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