Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

Bryce's first Christmas!
Christmas Eve we had his Great Grandma and Grandpa Baker over for dinner. He was very excited about his train he got and loved all the bells and whistles it had. We also went to Church service. In the past we've gone with my mom to the night candle light service. Now with Bryce, we went to the early family service. He had a late nap unfortunately so he wasn't in prime shape to make it through the service well. He ended up doing great! I did have to leave once with him for a few minutes, he got a bit squirmy. He was able to calm back down and we finished the service. I loved introducing Bryce to so many people who had a very positive and permanent impact on my life. I can only wish Bryce will have families to look up to as I have.
We headed home and I told David I had a present for him to open on Christmas Eve. He was reluctant. When he opened it, there was pajamas for each of us. Now, every Christmas Eve we will open pj's to wear to bed that night for the next morning. Yeah for tradition! David didn't dig the idea but he went along with it. Now I've caught him wearing them after Christmas, guess they are comfy after all!

Christmas morning we got up and opened our presents as our little family. It was more about watching Bryce trying to figure out what we were up to and watching his delight as he experienced his first Christmas morning. How fun!

We then packed up to head my mom's house. Once we got there, Bryce was ready for more action after a long drive and a nap the whole way. He was very spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa. What a lucky kiddo. I love it how much he is loved. My mom had lots of fun shopping for him, it showed.

We stayed the night at my mom's house. It was the first time we've slept with Bryce somewhere other than our home since he has been in his room. It was disasterous! He barely slept. We had his pack and play with us even. After I heard my mom up that morning, downstairs I went to bring down Bryce and back up headed to fall asleep. We slept until 10:30, wow! Amazing!! When I woke up Bryce was napping too.

We enjoyed our Christmas with Bryce. We talked about it plenty. Christmas is more fun with a baby and even more fun when they grow up and show all their excitement for Santa. I look forward to future Christmas days with our moose!

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