Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mr. 8 month old!

What fun! Bryce is still growing like a weed! When David and I see other babies who are his age and who are "normal" size we feel like they look so little and skinny. I like having a big boy! I do feel like I never had a tiny baby mostly because it went so fast since he started out so big :)

Bryce waves, he prefers to only wave at Daddy though. I think he has only waved once at me but he will wildly wave to David. I am not too jealous though because now when I ask Bryce for a kiss, I have a wide open mouth, tongue hanging out, smiling baby coming right for my face and leaves me with a slobbery kiss that I love. He hasn't given a kiss to anyone but me! Mama's boy!

Grandma plays Patty Cake with Bryce whenever she hangs out with him, so we've got to give her the credit for our little clapper. He is getting pretty good. The other day, I was feeding him lunch and he was too excited about clapping but yelling at me at the same time to keep the shovel of food going into his mouth. He clapped faster than I could move the spoon and splattered food all over.

One thing Bryce enjoys doing now is setting next to his overflowing toy box and pull out each toy on his own. He is starting to pull himself up on it and gets to his knees even to look in and discover what toy he can dig out next. His little arms are too short to reach the bottom and he starts to get mad when he has his eyes set on something he can't reach. At that point, I tip over the toy box and all is good.
Search for it...
Get it!
Up on his knees!
Cute lil' butt!

He isn't crawling yet. He cares more to stand and wobble around. He gets upset most of the time when we put him up on all fours.

and for more pictures, of course!
Look at him just kick back and lounge in the sink :)
He is a pro at using his sippy cup and sitting in a highchair when we are out to eat. We have to keep clearance free in arms reach of him, he will grab anything and then try and eat it of course!
He figured out that he could eat his toes.

I'm home now with him while I work from home part time. I am so thankful, I love it and love spending even more time with him.

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