Tuesday, March 8, 2011

9 Months = Personality

What a little personality that is developing before our eyes. Some things we've noticed about Bryce:

He gets bashful when he says hi to someone he recognizes, he quickly flashes a smile and then looks away to hide his face. He looks back at that familiar face again of course.

He is a pro at giving high fives!

He is an observer. He sits back a bit and really watches crowds and what is going on. He warms up pretty quickly but in taking him to baby group, I've noticed he is quite the observer. Traits from Dad. I am like this too though.

The tongue is sticking out all the time, at least when he isn't addicted to the paci. I've been trying to limit the paci to only when he is tired, cranky in the car or when he is done eating but still thinks he needs more. He always thinks he needs more.

He gives kisses!!!!! Oh my, they are truly the best... well at least to those who he melts their heart and who don't mind a juicy, wet kiss. Big, open, gummy kisses. He just doesn't give out kisses on command though. This kid kisses on his own terms and when he feels like it. He isn't scared to push your face away multiple times when you think he needs to give you a kiss.

Along with all the good developments of his personality his not so pretty side is also developing. Bryce will get as stiff as a board when I try putting him in his car seat if he doesn't want to. He is always fine after he is buckled in and I am sure he is happy to go on an adventure but there is just something about being strapped in that makes him so mad at times. He also screams his head off- still- if you don't give him food fast enough or enough food. Because Bryce is so demanding vocally with his food, I love that he can feed himself finger foods now. For breakfast each morning, I make him toast with light homemade strawberry jam. While he is happily feeding himself it gives me just enough time to make his oatmeal without him yelling at me. This is the time where we've tried to teach him, "no." In reality, he is teaching me to be quicker and be one step ahead of him.

I've been able to balance Bryce and working from home for over a month now and I'm really happy with how it works. I don't have much freetime, but I expected that. I hate that I didn't edit these photos I've posted to adjust the lighting and the color balance but that is really because of lack of time. I am tackling some pretty huge projects right now so I am happy to just get this update completed! I am doing a dance all day long between baby and work and it all rotates around his nap schedule. I get the most work done when he naps. I am still so thankful to be with Bryce all day and feel so blessed. Things are working out for us and I am so thankful. I do leave him once or twice a week for a half day when I have meetings or just need time to crank out projects. Bryce has a few ladies that are happy to hang out with him while I need to attend meetings or work, they are wonderful and he is spoiled.

And of course, here are lots of pictures and captions:

There is a neighborhood park we go to and he loves to swing! He has a great time... and so do we. We hop on the swing beside him :)
Belly button update: We were told his belly button hernia would hopefully go away by age 1 or else there would have to be surgery. I think our poor little guy will have to have the surgery. It isn't correcting itself much these days.
Big blue eyes!
Showing off the pearly whites with a wave. He waved for about 2 weeks and now he doesn't really care to anymore. It is all about a high five instead.
When I put Bryce down for a nap, I always put him down with his socks on, I cover him with his knitted blanket. (Knitted is great because it has holes just to be safe if it gets over his head and for some reason he can't pull it off. I am so paranoid.) I also always lay him in the middle, on his back and with his head facing the other way. Here is a picture of how he ends up falling asleep. As you can see, both socks are off, no blanket, on his tummy and completely turned around. Why do I even tuck him in? :)

We send pictures to dad at work to make him smile, this was one of them. It is also a rare picture that we have one together since I am usually behind the camera these days.

Here is Bryce showing his mad skills at downing a sippy cup. He mastered this over the last month. What a champ!
This picture makes me laugh. He loves paper as much as his mama. I let him go after my pile of papers just because I could tell he wanted to so badly. I can still read a crinkled piece of paper just fine and since it makes him so excited, I couldn't resist! This is part of the balance I do daily working with my sidekick.

I know this was long, but a lot happened this month! He is so busy trying to figure out how to use his little body and even after all this, there is so much more I can write but I just can't think of it!

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