Sunday, September 18, 2011

Turning 1

Bryce's birthday party was on the one hot, warm and sunny Saturday in all of June. We totally lucked out. We had a bbq, cold drinks, cupcakes, friends and family. Bryce is one loved and lucky kid. He received an awesome island blow up pool that we were even able to blow up at the party for the kids to enjoy since it was so warm out.

I think everyone's favorite part about a one year old's birthday party is the cake. Well, if you remember in earlier posts I talked about Bryce's baby group and how he was the cupcake thief. I knew this kid would destroy a whole cake on his own so I was prepared to take it away which I had to do. I gave him blueberries and milk in place of the cake. There was no moment though that he thought he should smear frosting all over himself or dump the cake. He was too busy eating it. After he finished, he got washed down in the sink.

Some 1 year old facts about Bryce:
  • Bryce wasn't a walker at his party just yet. He was a furious and fast crawler and a master of walking with the security of holding a hand.
  • His first word after mama and dada was dog. He pronounces it "dooog"
  • I stopped nursing Bryce at 1 year old. I was preparing for a battle, a hard ween. He was so demanding and turned into an aggressive nurser so I was convinced this was going to be a painful process. Nope! I was happily wrong. Over the course of about a week and half I weened him and he went straight to sippy cups, no bottles. One less habit to break! I'm proud of myself for accomplishing one whole year of nursing.

3 months later... that is all I remember about his major milestones, how sad! My mind is so consumed with how he is right now. That is another post on the list.

I was emotional about my sweet baby boy turning one. I wasn't as emotional as I expected. I was more excited for him, happy to see him developing and showing off new skills, thankful for the joy he brings in our life. My emotional moment came to me at 12:18 on June 3rd. I can remember it as clear as day. I was sitting in front of Bryce feeding him applesauce in his high chair. I happened to glance at my phone and it was 12:18. It hit me. I shed a couple tears and gave Bryce a huge hug and kiss while he fended me off and demanded more applesauce. He had no time for my sappiness when that bowl was still half full! My labor was such a great experience and a memory I will always cherish and I just couldn't believe that a year passed already when the doctor tossed Bryce on my chest and that very first thought ran through my head of, "oh my gosh he is heavy!" I had no idea how much I loved him already.

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