Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Tradition

It's nice to hear you ask me when I'll update my blog next. Thank you for reading! Yes, it has been a while since I've posted so hopefully over a few posts and Bryce's nap I'll get myself caught up and on my way to publishing this into his baby book. Here goes!

I think the fun part of having a family is continuing your own childhood traditions or starting new ones. For Bryce's birthday, I made his decorations and had a little too much fun doing it. Besides the cake. I don' know why I always think it looks so easy when clearly it is not. Sometimes my craftiness gets the best of me. I needed a place to test out how big to make things, how many, all of that. I decided to try Bryce's bedroom door. It looked so cute I didn't take it down! A new tradition was born. He loved going into his room under a flag of colors streamed across the entry and his big ol' chunky baby face smiling back at him in a party hat as he entered. He'd point at it while saying, "oooooooh!!!" or try and grab it with a smile. I left it up until his party, I needed it!

I orginally decided every year for his birthday I would continue to decorate his door. Now that halloween is around the corner I couldn't resist decorating his door again. Yes, I started decorating a little early but that's ok Bryce doesn't know any different! I think this still needs something, maybe one of those big *friendly* skeleton cut outs to wave at him or even pumpkins.

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