Sunday, September 12, 2010

Love him.

Who knew such a dimply butt could be so darn cute? Now when I squeeze the sides of his butt, he laughs. Ticklish bum :) Since he was born, his backside is very sensitive and it makes him squirm all over.

Bryce loves every part of his bath besides the part that comes after. He screams when we have to dress him again. He doesn't mind getting dressed in the morning, it is only a night time thing.

We feel like he has really sprouted a personality and he has been so much fun to interact with. He will recognize David and I with a smile on his face when either of us come around and talking with him is quite fun! Last week, just before bedtime, Bryce found his voice and started to coo like crazy! Later in the wee hours of the night he decided it was better idea to wake up and tell us ghost stories instead of sleep. Needless to say, it was a very hard day at work the next day when you hear ghost stories all night :) We just stayed in bed with smiles on our faces listening to Bryce. Here is his face when he coo's. He loves figuring out how to make his lips curl like this:
And now I'll leave you with a smile :)

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