Saturday, November 13, 2010

Made With Love

It is a fascinating thought to realize that my body grew and nourished Bryce solely for so so long. I take pride in that. It has not been easy to nurse but I committed to it and since I am able to make it work, I've stuck with it. I am thankful for all the benefits to Bryce he has received from it. Introducing solids to him felt just as important. I started him out on rice, following our Ped's recommendation. Since then, he has had oatmeal, apples, carrots and sweet potatoes. I've made all the fruits and veggies for him myself.

I was excited at the thought of making baby food while I was pregnant. I got into it and ordered a book of recipes. I know there are miles of recipes on the web but sometimes having a book just makes it a little easier. My cousin Jen shared with me that it is easy to freeze in ice cube trays and that each cube is about an ounce. I've got a little pile in our freezer growing for him. It does make me nervous though that I make it myself only because I am worried there will be a chunk hidden and he'll choke. I check it all very carefully... and as you know, I worry a lot!

Introducing Bryce to different foods has not been a big show that I expected to see from him. I was wanting some funny faces, tongues sticking out, refusing to eat it because it was weird, any kind of reaction besides- keep shoveling! Nope. I got nothing. "Keep shoveling mom" is all I get. I think he swallows it all so fast that he doesn't even taste it :)

Today I made sweet potatoes and pears. I also made him a Christmas blanket :)

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