Saturday, November 13, 2010

Not so Glamorous

Pumping is ridiculous. I have to share the fun you'll be in for or- share a laugh if it brings back memories for you.
Just after Bryce was born, Jesse and I made plans to go to a dance show at the Tacoma Dome. Because of nursing and being away from Bryce for such a long stretch, I had to work out something for pumping. There is a handy portable, battery powered pump I was handed down and it has really been a convenience! (Thank you, again Jen!)

After we left the Melting Pot- yum, and headed to our show, I had to whip out the noisy pump on our drive over. I warned Jesse. Although, I'm not sure you can really warn someone how awesome it is to have the passenger in your car hook up their boob? She gets used to it and we are chatting away while driving. I've forgotten really that the pump is going but we are pulling in the parking lot to the pay the attendant to park and I'm still not paying attention to the fact that I'm still pumping. Jesse says, in a holding back her laugh kind of way, "Um... you might want to turn that off real quick...I don't care but..." I cracked up. Of course I need to turn it off! We head on into our show and I have to have get my purse security checked. I find the 1 line with a lady checking. I could tell she felt awkward when she saw what my purse had in store for her! Now Jesse knows first hand what she has to look forward to should she choose to nurse :)

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