Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Day!

Bryce's first snow day, November 22, 2010! This marks the first time we've had snow in our area before Thanksgiving since 1985. I was one year old then. I love snow so much and always have. I am excited to share all the fun snow holds as Bryce gets older. Until then, it is just a bunch of overbundled quick trips in and out mainly for a picture in the snow :)

I only took him out to take a picture when it first started, since these pictures we've gotten 6 inches but we are all too cozy inside to go outside! The adorable hat Bryce is modeling was handmade by his very talented Grandma!

Lilly came up and found a cozy spot to lay her head right on Bryce's lap and continued to stay and let him play with her ears. What a sweet puppy.
Watching Lilly Dog play!

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