Monday, December 13, 2010


A lot has been in the works behind the scenes at the Baker household. After Bryce was born, and my maternity leave was up, I returned to work full time. Few people knew candidly how hard this was for me. Before I returned, I saw the writing on the wall. Something had to change. I felt there wasn't enough of me to give to work full time and to still have enough energy to be the mom I want to be for Bryce. I praise full time working mamas, I am proud of you. With anything in my life, once I let something in, I have a very hard time letting it go. That goes for friends, places, travel, and work. I approached my employer about becoming part time. I wanted to give it a shot, in the end what did I have to loose besides having a harder time maintaining the friendships I've built there? I found out recently, they have agreed to give part time a shot. I'll start in February, working from home part time. It will be a trial, but for the chance to see if it works for the company, I am thankful.

We have also moved. We are off of 128th and Canyon in Puyallup and really love it so far. Funny thing is Bryce is in the boundaries to attend the same elementary school as I did. Go Woodland Eagles, woo! My favorite part is not having a house behind ours. We have a small backyard still but it is open to a wetland behind it, a large one. There is a small pond with ducks. We've got berry bushes and all kinds of birds including Blue Jays. It makes all the difference in the world to us not having someone's window looking into our kitchen.

So, here we go. Onto another path with new challenges and difficulties but also new joys and happiness. We are thankful Bryce will not be in full time daycare any more and I will get to enjoy this short time in his life even more. My prayers have been answered, I am so thankful and very happy to share this with you.

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