Sunday, December 12, 2010

6 months

Bryce is half way to one and half way to a whole lot of other trouble!
This past month he has become so alert and attentive. He is very into listening to us and reaching for anything in close range. Eating out is not as simple to hold him on my lap now. That silverware is far too shiny and inviting with noise. He has been sitting in the highchair while we eat now. I have continued to make him his food. He has had:

Sweet Potatoes
Pumpkin Pie

He has a heart stopping laugh. At least for my heart. Devan, Jesse's little sidekick was over and he started playing peekaboo, he thought it hilarious. Check out this video:

Some more 6 month things:
He also says, "maaa maaaa" but only when he is crying. He just learned a new sound with his mouth, there is no meaning behind it yet but it is still cute to hear him say it.

Bryce has been working on sitting up, he is getting the hang of it and getting pretty strong too. That little tummy has some abs hiding under there!

He gets himself up on his hind legs too, not for a long amount of time and not stable. We all know where that is headed. He scoots himself backwards and covers a lot of ground doing so.

Lilly continues to be a great source for smiles and distraction. She has been so great and patient so far with Bryce. She doesn't like sharing the car with him though.

I enjoy letting him feel all kinds of things when we are in a store. Pier One was a great place for him. His eyes lit up at everytihng and his little fingers were feeling lots of surfaces and textures.

Red Robin is his favorite place to eat out. He dances, talks, and yells all while getting all the attention from the staff and near tables of ladies. Dad is proud. Way to get the ladies he says.

His death grip is painful. Grab and squeeze as hard as you can is his game. Face, ears, forearms anything when changing his diapers too. Ouch!

Here are some pictures of Bryce on his first Thanksgiving, our little turkey. For the memory, our turkey weighed as much as he did, 21 pounds. :)

Checking out black Friday sales with Dad.

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