Thursday, April 28, 2011

Baby Group

Bryce and I have attended Good Sam's baby group since Bryce was 4 weeks old. This group has been priceless and such a great experience

We've been regulars besides when I worked full time for those few months but even then we were able to go once a month.

It is broken into 2 groups, 0-6m and 6m-1yr. The differences are huge! Starting out it is mainly about the mama's and adjustment. Nursing, sleeping and milestones. Babies stay on their blankets and play with their own toys. Graduating into the bigger baby group is totally different. It is all about the babies, letting them play and watching them interact. The moms still talk about what is up with their babies but it is just different since now, all the moms are very confident as moms and each baby has developed and shown their own great personalities. Through this, I've learned so much and really appreciate the gals and babies we have met.

These are pictures from the baby group. Bridgette turned one and is graduating out... bittersweet... as I know it will soon be Bryce.

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