Friday, April 8, 2011

Little 10 Month Old

Okay, here is when I start to feel a little sad. Almost like how I assume I'll feel when I turn 29 close to leaving my 20's in the dust. A year is so short and it still passes quickly. I take in the moments and smiles and cherish them.

Along with starting to crawl, here are more things about Bryce this past month:

He only gained 1 pound in 3 months, his massive growth rate has slowed and is leveling out. He doesn't look nearly as chunky as he used to but his cute little legs still have rolls and he rocks the finger dimples too.

He now can eat anything we are eating besides things like honey or other foods babies shouldn't eat. Otherwise, he is like a fish in the water opening and closing his mouth if he sees anyone eating, trying to get a bite for himself.

He can drink out of a cup with assistance. He is so much about copying you and trying to be like you. I hear that doesn't stop for quite a while.

Bananas are a favorite because he loves eating them like a big kid, taking bites off the banana instead of from a spoon or pieces he eats. I guess kids are born being in a hurry to grow up. I remember always wanting to bigger and getting to the next step. I don't feel that way now. Somewhere between here and there life became about living in the moment instead of passing the day to get to what tomorrow has in store.

Climber! Stairs, stools, lilly, over things. All about climbing.

2 more teeth! (Top, they are still working on poking all the way through but they have broke surface.)

More fuzz on his head. He is working on a mullet pretty hard.

He understands the sign language I've been doing with him, he just doesn't sign himself. I'm hoping he will eventually. I know he understands because I do the sign for "drink" he spits out his paci looking for his sippy.

Throwing things is so much fun. Dropping things is even more fun especially when Lilly is around. Food doesn't belong on the high chair or in his mouth when he can drop it on the floor. I try and make Lilly stay on her bed now when he is eating to help curb that as much as I can.

To end, we told Bryce that babies that walk by their first birthday get more toys :) I guess we've already started bribing him. I am not too concerned about the challenges of him walking just yet. Since he started crawling he seems so much happier. He worked on it for so long, it paid off.

Love our little bear. xoxo

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