Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Late 11 month post

He was admiring rabbits in a cage here.

I've been avoiding an 11 month post. I feel like Bryce reaching 11 months is comparable to how I might feel while I am in the last month of my 29th year of life right before turning 30. He is almost one year old, almost not a little baby, almost a toddler. Me writing this or not won't stop it from happening.

Truth is though, I'm excited for his birthday. This past year has been remarkable. It puts my mind in a place of reflection and several things stand out in his first year of life. I should probably save those things for my one year post about Bryce.
Back to 11 months.

Surprisingly, Bryce is starting to show food preference. I've learned he doesn't like ham and he no longer likes avocados. He used to like them, but not anymore. I am so used to him being a vacuum around food, it is a bit of a relief to know he actually does taste the food he scarfs down in such a hurry.

This sweet little boy is starting to hit! It is an intentional hit too. He does this to get my attention, to get more food, when we share a yogurt and I take a bite, when I won't let him play with something... I have been forceful of correcting him but he just laughs at me. I keep at it.

Amie: Bryce, say "mama"
Bryce: "DADA!"

Amie: Bryce, say "mama"
Bryce: "DADA!"


We go in the car and he is squealing, "dadada dadada" in the back seat. It is so sweet. Funny thing is that when David is around, he doesn't do this. I think David thinks I make this up because he hasn't heard the dada song.

Bryce learned to point. He points at everything now. David surprised me on my 27th birthday by taking a day off from work and taking us to the zoo. I have been so anxious to take Bryce to the zoo, I could barely stand it. It just has never stopped raining. So, I was very happy about this surprise. Bryce had a lot of fun. He started pointing at the animals he was seeing and from there it hasn't stopped. I pick him up out of his crib and he instantly starts pointing. So cute.

Bryce had his first sleep over at Grandma's house. Her new house! He survived, I survived and so did Grandma. David has left overnight before so it wasn't an ordeal like it was for me. The hardest part was just leaving for the night and saying, "see you tomorrow morning" so weird. I slept soooo wonderfully. It was the first time in almost a year I was able to sleep all night without waking. Heavenly. Nature was even kind to me, I didn't have to wake to use the bathroom.

He is working on the skill of throwing. David is pretty excited about this. He started to try teaching him by putting a ball in his hand and helping his arm move to throw. The funny part is that Bryce wouldn't let go of the ball after David helps to fling his arm. He does now.

Still a crawling machine and not really seeing signs that he will be walking very soon. I am not worried yet either about this developmental milestone because his motor skills are great so I just continue to hold his hands and walk him around a few times a day.

He mastered climbing stairs. He figured it out and climbed them three times in a row! Since then, he hasn't cared to do it again.

Wow, a lot has happened this month! This post is pretty long and I could keep going!

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