Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Since Bryce started crawling, Bryce started to learn the word, "No!"

Lilly was put out by Bryce's new found talent of mobility. He crawled right to her bed and she wasn't sure where to go. Next he started grabbing all her toys. Lilly deserves this after all the toys she has stolen...and eaten of Bryce's! She is finally getting used to him moving around all over the place. Next stop on his list, her toy box. He has mastered the concept of a lid and that there are more toys under the lid of Lilly's toy box! (see video)

I've also surprised myself because, well, he is a boy and he acts like one. In my mind it is nice to think he will be this sweet innocent baby forever but we all know he is a boy who will get into trouble. First things first, eating dog food! I always thought that, "my kid won't eat dog food!" Imagine my face when I bend down as quick as possible to hook dog food right out of Bryce's mouth! Stinker! Then, a new cry emerged. An angry cry with real tears in my reaction to my telling him no along with taking food from him. Dramatic. That bowl is a magnet for him now, playing in the water and trying to get her food. Needless to say, the food and water is moved when Bryce is crawling around.

Bryce very recently started crawling, and now today he has pulled himself up onto the furniture to stand and even tried letting go. Gravity got him, poor guy. I try not to rush and react to him falling, he was all good and no need for tears. I know that I can help him realize he doesn't have to cry at every fall so I'm working on my hoovering skills and giving him space to learn.

He had his 9 month visit a couple weeks late but still, all is well with him. He did only gain 1 pound in the past 3 months which is shocking since he has had a huge amount of growth since he was born. He is just leveling out now, he has lost a lot of his cute chub and gained in length what he didn't gain in the belly :)

Soon after he started crawling, he got the courage to do everything else his little mind has been practicing, like sitting up on his own. Here he is sitting straight up in his crib instead of taking a nap.

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