Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lil' update

Just some randoms things to share...

Bryce is over a month old and growing healthy, we are so thankful for that. He is over 10 pounds and has grown 2 inches. The outfit we wanted to bring home Bryce from the hospital in was much too large. Here is a picture of him trying to fill it out at the hospital:

Here is a picture of him wearing it at just under a month old:

I almost waited too long to try it on him, he almost skipped it all together. The outfit was a newborn size and he was a pretty big baby but it just didn't fit.

We'll randomly catch him sucking his thumb. Though it is cute, I don't want a thumb sucker. You can take a paci away, but their thumb is always there and I bet they get sneaky with it. I have heard the horror stories of breaking the paci habit and that doesn't sound like fun either.

When he is in the mood, he has decided he likes his swing. He has gotta be in the mood. That goes for anything. Our little guy is vocal and he will tell you what he likes and doesn't like. Our Pediatrician even comments each time we visit her that he is a chatty baby. She always has a hard time hearing his heart which lead us the heart mur mur scare which is behind us now thankfully!

We also had our first walk at Capitol Lake together as a family. I've wanted to walk there for a while since I discovered it working down there. We lucked out on the sun since Bryce's first summer has been a dud for weather. It was pretty windy for our walk.

You may be wondering why so many pictures and so many updates? Just reminding you the main reason I am dedicated to keeping this updated is because after his 1 year birthday, I will have this blog published into a book for his baby book. I think it will be a great keepsake! If you are interested in doing this yourself for whatever use, here is the link:

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