Friday, July 23, 2010

Mr. Smiley

My mom came to stay the night after being gone for a couple weeks in North Carolina. I was excited to see her and excited for her to see how Bryce has grown. She was just about to leave but I didn't want her to yet because Bryce was still eating. Lucky she stayed! I passed Bryce to her when his tummy was full. Out of no where he smiled the biggest smile at me as I was talking to him in her arms! David was also there with us to see it. I was so surprised. He has continued to smile at us and I find he smiles the most in the morning. They are super cute, big and gummy. My smile lasts 10x's as long after I see him smile. I can only imagine how I'll feel when he starts laughing.

Since then I've tried catching his smiles on camera.

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