Monday, July 26, 2010

First baseball game!

Bryce's first baseball game was the M's vs. Redsox. How perfect considering his Daddy's past with the Redsox!

I was so excited to go to the game as a family. This was something I know David had looked forward to also. Bryce's big cousin gave him an Mariner onsie that was the perfect size too, he was stylin. I was nervous wondering how Bryce would react to the environment of the crowd. He was awesome! Such a trooper. He was wide awake, happy and gazing around to the end of the 6th inning where he dozed off. He missed, "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" though. He woke up in the 8th inning and was up the rest of the time. He got a bit cranky at the end because he kept dozing off but would be startled awake by cheering or the music.

On our way out, I think David and I were a bit relieved that he was a great addition to the night, you never know with a baby what kind of mood they might be in :)

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