Friday, July 23, 2010

Home with baby

Bryce no longer hates his bath. A mom shared a tip with me about keeping a warm wash cloth on his belly while he is in the tub and it helps keep him warm. Since then, he doesn't mind baths at all!
Naps are common in our household. Even with Lilly. She misses her soundless sleep just as much as we do :)

Our little boy is a Mama's boy. At least for now... and I am sure one day when he is too cool to kiss me goodbye at school I'll really miss these days but sometimes it can be a challenge for me. Some nights the only way I can get dinner made is to wear him in my front pack. He'll usually drift off to sleep and then I'll lay him down. If he is awake, he wants exclusive attention and loving. I can give that to him but I still have to use the bathroom, change my clothes, shower, make dinner... things that make a day! This picture was taken maybe 10 days ago and since then, he has gotten so much better about sitting in a bouncy watching me make dinner, relief. They change so fast!

He is now getting his work out in. He is on the floor kicking his legs, waving his arms, and babbling a few times a day. He gazes all around and looks amazed by everything. Mainly windows and faces.

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