Monday, March 14, 2011

All in a day!

Bryce started crawling on Saturday evening! David took Bryce over to Brent and Kristin's house while I stayed home and prepped for my wedding show. David let me know to head over and join them for dinner, shortly after, he called and told me to hurry and that Bryce was crawling. What a little stinker!! I couldn't believe he waited until I wasn't there. I'm thrilled David got to see though, at least it was one of us! At first he only crawled while crying and fussing still showing his frustration that he had to try so hard to make all those limbs work together. Sunday, the next day, he was able to crawl happily without crying. It is kind of funny, Bryce was in our living room on the floor and I was in the kitchen. I started to call him to see if he'd crawl to me. He crawled straight to the corner of the couch. Then, I realized he still has to figure out the whole concept of going around things. It is amazing how much there is to learn still after making such a leap!

Now today, he is going crazy moving all over the place. He is cralwling and pushing his toys from spot to spot. But now he is even pulling himself up to stand, back down to plopping on his butt to sit, back to a crawl, back to pushing his walking toy while walking. WOW. All in one day he has gotten so brave and there is just no stopping him. I've heard all the comments warning me about how busy he'll be and now the real work begins but I am just so proud of him for finally putting it all together. He has been working on it so hard. Go baby!

His favorite locations to venture so far? Lilly's dog bed full of her toys and Lilly's water and food bowl. Of course.

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