Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our Goldfish

We were invited to join a month long baby swim class. What fun, we loved it! I thought Bryce would really love it because of how he is in his baths and I was right. Once I got comfortable with him being in the water, we were brave together. He would go under the water, float on his back, go after toys... all while I held him of course. He did let others hold him while in the water too. Splashing, kicking and observing... he always got tuckered out and it did seem to help him sleep better most nights we had swimming. Relief!!
On a side note, I thought the day would NEVER come when he'd start sleeping better. Finally- relief. Since I've been home, Bryce's new norm is to wake up at about 4am. He still has a rougher night about once a week but thank goodness he isn't waking 3-6 times a night like he was just a month ago. Here are some pictures from swimming!

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